🇬🇧 Incidental New Yorker XVIII

The UN Elephant

September 19,

A good friend invited me for breakfast at Tiffany’s on Friday. Can’t, because we’re leaving on Thursday! Such is life.

Okay, so you can't have breakfast at Tiffany's with one friend, but then...

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Incidental New Yorker XVII

August 14, 2016

🚘 Just returned
from a wonderful little New England road trip in a darling rented light blue VW
Beetle, which we became quite attached to. We covered Connecticut,
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York State,
and thus did exactly what Europeans have always criticized Americans, then the
Japanese and now also the Chinese for doing: whizzed about, staying only...

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Incidental New Yorker XVI

Cuba cock

July 2, 2016

The Incidental New Yorker has been highly incidental, but less of a New Yorker lately! May and June has been what felt like back to back travelling. I am trying to catch up here … with a few highlights from June.

Taxis in La Habana © Mette Holm...

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Incidental New Yorker XV

June 28, 2016

🍩  This country actually has a National Doughnut Day! The event takes place the first Friday in June and was created by the Chicago chapter of The Salvation Army in 1938 to honour the Doughnut Girls, who served doughnuts to soldiers during WWI. Some 250 American Salvation Army members were in France, some of them mothering the enlisted boys and young men, serving them doughnuts, pies and...

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Incidental New Yorker XIV

April 6, 2016

🇵🇦  We went to Panama over Easter and had the loveliest break there. Wonderful and very friendly people, beautiful place, terrific food, and the wildly impressive canal, where I was so lucky as to be invited to actually open a lock gate for a huge container ship heading East from the Pacific. The locks are computerized now. But the old system still functions. Managing the lock was...

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Incidental New Yorker XIII

March 3, 2016

Has been a while … Sorry! Glad to be back. Had a lovely New Year break in Denmark. And lots to attend to. I’m  already half way through my temporary stint as Incidental New Yorker. Not any way near half way through exploring the city, though.


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Incidental New Yorker XII

December 22,

Winter solstice in NYC and 22 degrees Celsius/72F! I
am so glad that we, the world’s population, have just pledged to truly care for
the climate. And I am eagerly anticipating governments delivering on their pledges
in Paris earlier this month.

🎄Last week I spent a wonderful day and a half in Washington DC, in very good company. We...

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Incidental New Yorker XI

November 29,

The bloodbath in Paris was an attack on humanity. This
attempt to tear apart the fabric of our life briefly left us speechless and
stunned. And while civilians of all convictions and colours en masse are now
gathering forces and doing their utmost to defy Da’esh’s challenge to the
beauty and meaning of life, Western governments are playing the ball right back
in to the very hands of Da’esh...

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Incidental New Yorker X

November 8,


🍌 Halloween is a
major event here; as well as big business ensnaring children and adults alike.
I met a guy, all dressed up, and really couldn't figure out what he was trying
to impersonate. It turned out to be a banana, but the costume was so
uncomfortable that he wasn't wearing the upper part. It was good that...

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Incidental New Yorker IX

October 27,


⭐️ Ai Weiwei has done it again! This man is a true virtuoso at playing the international media. He brilliantly unmasks authorities and hypocrisy by placing a virtual mirror right in their faces and deeds. This time Lego is in the eye of the storm, even a virtual toilet storm, as Ai has posted a picture of Lego...

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