Incidental New Yorker VI


August 22, 2015


⭐ Four nights of salubrious sleep, open windows, fresh air, birdsong, quiet, splendid nights. Late afternoon swimming in the lake; loons, hummingbirds, bald headed eagles, quaint fishing villages, coves with glassy water. Seafood, fish, fresh, natural vegetables. Bliss! Okay, so we did leave NYC for a spell. We had a...

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Incidental New Yorker V

Watery Walls Brooklyn Park

August 9, 2015


⭐ Every day reveals new pockets in that extraordinary entity that is New York! Rather than go away for a week’s holiday, we decided to stay in New York to explore our temporary home. I bought tickets for Bargemusic in DUMBO, so last night, not quite knowing what to expect we took the ferry into the sunset and disembarked...

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🇬🇧 Incidental New Yorker IV

Cecil the Lion

August 2, 2015

⭐ I can
definitely recommend Cymbelene in Central Park, part of the set being the
rising, slightly waning Moon. The play is one of Shakespeare’s lesser known,
but is made of all the true stuff. Lust for power, war, evil, poison, cunning,
jealousy, hate, stupidity and yes, true love. It was performed by The Public
Theater described by NYT as “the country’s de facto national theatre.”...

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