Incidental New Yorker XII

December 22,

Winter solstice in NYC and 22 degrees Celsius/72F! I
am so glad that we, the world’s population, have just pledged to truly care for
the climate. And I am eagerly anticipating governments delivering on their pledges
in Paris earlier this month.

🎄Last week I spent a wonderful day and a half in Washington DC, in very good company. We...

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Incidental New Yorker V

Watery Walls Brooklyn Park

August 9, 2015


⭐ Every day reveals new pockets in that extraordinary entity that is New York! Rather than go away for a week’s holiday, we decided to stay in New York to explore our temporary home. I bought tickets for Bargemusic in DUMBO, so last night, not quite knowing what to expect we took the ferry into the sunset and disembarked...

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