🇩🇰 Kinas store kommunikator

Den kinesiske kunstner og provokatør Ai Weiwei er kommunikator i en klasse for sig. Det er ikke kun gennem kunsten, at han udtrykker sin systemkritik til især sit hjemland Kina, men også på flere sociale medier, og især Instagram, florerer kritikken i symbolske billeder. Læs min artikel i Kommunikationsforum 30. oktober 2015

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Incidental New Yorker IX

October 27,


⭐️ Ai Weiwei has done it again! This man is a true virtuoso at playing the international media. He brilliantly unmasks authorities and hypocrisy by placing a virtual mirror right in their faces and deeds. This time Lego is in the eye of the storm, even a virtual toilet storm, as Ai has posted a picture of Lego...

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🇬🇧 Mongolian Friendship Medal

October 9, 2015

Mongolia's president Elbegdorj has bestowed upon me Mongolia's Medal of Friendship "in recognition of valuable contribution in the promotion of friendly relations and cooperation between Mongolia and the Kingdom of Denmark.” The ceremony took place in Asia House in Copenhagen with me attending via skype.

Present in Copenhagen were Mongolian and...

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Incidental New Yorker (VIII) caught in the swing door of the world

October 4, 2015

What really made us feel part of the UN family was an
e-mail a while back from the UN administration informing us that there were bed
bugs at HQ here in New York and urging us to be vigilant! Messages like that
sort of keep you grounded - which is one thing I haven’t felt recently at the
UN, grounded. It has been like being gorgeously caught in the swing door of the

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