Incidental New Yorker XII

December 22,

Winter solstice in NYC and 22 degrees Celsius/72F! I
am so glad that we, the world’s population, have just pledged to truly care for
the climate. And I am eagerly anticipating governments delivering on their pledges
in Paris earlier this month.

🎄Last week I spent a wonderful day and a half in Washington DC, in very good company. We...

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🇬🇧 Incidental New Yorker IV

Cecil the Lion

August 2, 2015

⭐ I can
definitely recommend Cymbelene in Central Park, part of the set being the
rising, slightly waning Moon. The play is one of Shakespeare’s lesser known,
but is made of all the true stuff. Lust for power, war, evil, poison, cunning,
jealousy, hate, stupidity and yes, true love. It was performed by The Public
Theater described by NYT as “the country’s de facto national theatre.”...

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