🇬🇧 People’s Daily & Xinhua Shi go public – the contradiction between commercialism and socialist values

Chinese Communist Party media flagships are going public; what will the consequences be for content? And will China ever get round to legislate on the role of the media in society?

By METTE HOLM, February 2012

Cyber platforms
of People’s Daily and the national Chinese news agency Xinhua Shi are planning
to go public on...

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🇬🇧 Chinese media trying to conquer the world – and world opinion

China is investing massive amounts of money, energy and prestige in creating a new impression of herself, internally as well as to the rest of the world. CCTV International tries to challenge al-Jazeera, BBC and CNN on global news coverage. The good old communist propaganda mill is developing into a sophisticated narrative through an almost unlimited variety of outlets, be it museums, history books, cinema, sports, business or – in particular - media. The state...

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