🇬🇧 As Long as We Survive

Read Chinese poet Fang Fang’s moving account from her coronavirus-struck hometown Wuhan. Translated and re-posted by China Digital Times – and now by me:

We’re all still stuck at home on lockdown, yet some people are already singing praise to the government and posting book covers about the victory that has been achieved (if they’re not trolling). What do the people of Wuhan have to say? Whether anxious or upset, we’ve put up with it all, haven’t we? Yet even the victory is theirs. Today I saw this phrase: “When you hear someone say ‘we will do this at all costs,’ don’t assume that you are the ‘we’; you are only the ‘cost’ that is being paid.”

There are many people working for the government who have learned nothing in their lifetime, but are masters at making fake moves. They will deal with you in ways that you never thought possible. And their ability to shirk responsibility is also top notch. If it weren’t based on this kind of foundation, how else could the epidemic have turned into the disaster that it’s become today?

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