🇬🇧 China & much more …

👂🏼 I was thrilled to be invited to participate in Jean Ahlefeldt Laurvig and Shanelle Hall’s impressive podcast, we need to talk about this. We talked so much that they had to break up our conversation on in two parts. Links to both parts below

Me on Tian An Men Square in 1981

Part I

2:50 Mette’s start in China and establishing herself as a journalist

12:44 Competitive or collaborative journalist

17:28 China, Taiwan, Pelosi, the US, EU …. and a shift to a multipolar world

38:24 What would Mette advise President Xi? And, her time with the Dalai Lama.

53:50 Trust and extreme surveillance

1:04:49 Political prisoners or political pawns

Part II

1:00 The impact of Putin on pacifism ideology and social cohesion

13:26 Mette’s Thai father and growing up bi-racial

28:47 Stories of connecting with people across the world

40:20 Mette’s message to her younger self & her life-defining moments